1. Steven Ho Helps Conan Channel His Inner Ninja Turtle

Steven Ho Helps Conan Channel His Inner Ninja Turtle

Steven played Donatello in the last two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies, and dubs Conan the new Michelangelo.


CONAN: You have trained many stars.
STEVEN HO: Toby McGuire and James Franco
Brad Pitt from "troy."
I did a stunt for Donna tello for "teenage mutant ninja turtles."
CONAN: You were donatello.
I love you mullet.
That's fantastic.
You are a pro.
Where do we begin?
First of all, I should lose the jacket, right?
And there it goes!
Pull up the pants.
There it goes.
Kind of all leg that guy.
All right.
I am ready to go.
During the commercial break you were doing a lot of moving around limbering.
STEVEN HO: I thought that you would go through some drills that an action hero would do.
CONAN: Action hero drills.
When you are done with mely be action hero caliber.
STEVEN HO: The first one is called wearing your iron shirt and having a steel pair of pants on.
CONAN: I don't know what that means.
STEVEN HO: Basically it's very simple.
This is a drill that's not only going to give you a very strong upper body but that will make you thank you because there's a lot of pain that you're going to endure throughout this process.
CONAN: -- if you want.
STEVEN HO: You just have to stand here and I'm going to hit and kick you.
I'm going to use my leather paddle because it's not going to --
Oh, that really stings!
STEVEN HO: Try not to let anyone see that it's hurting you.
STEVEN HO: Pretty good.
CONAN: Yeah, that's great!
[Cheers and applause]
Actually becoming aroused.
Do I go get do this to you at any point?
STEVEN HO: If you'd like.
CONAN: What the hell?
Why did you throw those like that?
STEVEN HO: We could go back and forth with each other.
CONAN: Or I could do it to you.
Or you can shut up.
Come on!
Give it to me!
Come on!
[Cheers and applause]
[Cheers and applause]
That was good, right?
How is this television?
Anyone tuning in right there just saw two 
people --
STEVEN HO: It's a big part of it.
I see you're getting into it now?
STEVEN HO: You are.
I want you to get into it even a little bit more.
CONAN: What do I do?
STEVEN HO: I'm going to get you into character.
Because of your pumpkin-ess complexion and hair, I thought you could have the Michelangelo from "the ninja turtles."
So we have the Michelangelo mask.
My whole body is one big wound right now.
Oh, look at that!
[Cheers and applause]
I love this.
I could do the show every night like this.
STEVEN HO: Let's work on your intensity now.
CONAN: What do I do?
STEVEN HO: I want that super hero persona.
So get into it.
Give me your meanest, toughest, bad-ass look right now.
Right there.
Right there.
Maybe a little less constipated looking.
CONAN: You want a piece of this?
You want a piece of this?
STEVEN HO: Super intense!
That's good.
We're taking it to the next level.
STEVEN HO: Next up.
You have your intensity --
STEVEN HO: Ah-ha your voice just broke.
STEVEN HO: I want to work on your hero pose.
CONAN: What's that about?
STEVEN HO: I notice you have a ball let-ic.
CONAN: I have a very athleticy body.
STEVEN HO: We'll capitalize on that but maybe add a little masculinity to it.
Stay light on your toes.
Think Muhammad Ali.
CONAN: Oh, yeah.
STEVEN HO: Not so alien-like.
More human being like.
Strike a pose.
That's actually pretty good.
That's actually pretty good.
CONAN: These are the quivering hands of doom here.
STEVEN HO: Now, we're going to bring yo sho.
So you guys are going to do the same thing.
You're going dance around it.
When I say "stop," you stop in your hero pose.
Nice and loose.
Nice and loose.
Nice and loose.
There we go.
And stop!
And again, circle, circle.
Nice and loose.
Nice and loose.
And stop!
Yosho is going to attack you.
You have to defend yourself.
When he comes in, just come in with multiple punches.
Punch him and then flip him somehow, whatever you'd like to do.
CONAN: I love the training on that.
I love the training on that.
You just told me nothing.
STEVEN HO: Come on.
Come on.
Let's do it!
[Cheers and applause]
STEVEN HO: There you go.