Andrés du Bouchet

Andrés du Bouchet

Andrés developed his comedic voice on New York City’s alternative scene, and was greatly inspired and influenced by "Late Night With Conan O’Brien." He couldn’t be more honored to be a part of this great staff, writing dumb things with smart people!

  1. Brazil's World Cup PR Rep Explains All

    Those aren't protesters in the streets, they're just big fans of the street barbacoa next to the burning car.

  2. Sochi PR Guy Thinks This Is The Best Olympics Ever

    Things may look like they're falling apart, but Yuri assures Conan that everything there is hunky-dorski.

  3. Sochi's PR Rep Has Nothing But Good News

    Don't just take Yuri Tamarov's word for it; even Beyonce thinks everything is going great in Russia.

  4. Sochi's PR Rep Returns With More Good News

    Don't worry about the brown water everyone; it's not dark because it's filthy, it's dark for safety reasons.

  5. Sochi's PR Rep Says Everything Is Going Great

    Says the smooth-talking Yuri Tamarov, "Why throw toilet paper in toilet when you can take it home as souvenir?"

  6. Conan Cuts A Leaked Sketch

    Taking a page from Quentin Tarantino, Conan scraps a leaked sketch, no matter the consequences.

  7. Ed Penski's Gift Card Testing Service

    Ed's Gift Card Testing is a totally legitimate business and not at all a scam run out of Ed's mom's basement.

  8. YouTube Commenters Invade Conan's Audience

    YouTube no longer takes anonymous comments, so all the worst ones have gathered in our studio.

  9. Russell Crowe's Noah Movie Has A Divisive Ending

    Test audiences rebelled against how Russell's movie ends; we can't imagine why...

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