Deon Cole

Deon Cole

You've seen Deon Cole perform regularly on “CONAN” and in comedy clubs across the country.

  1. Deon Cole Talks About Black History Month, Via Brian Kiley

    Deon explains why February is important to all black men -- by speaking through the whitest writer possible.

  2. Chris Parnell Explains How Sex Makes You Smarter

    Deon Cole believes all his booty calls are boosting his IQ, and Chris has the science to back it up.

  3. Deon Cole On Dennis Rodman's Crazy North Korean Rant

    Rodman acting insane isn't news; Deon wants to focus on his entourage who voluntarily spent the holidays in North...

  4. Deon Cole Breaks Down The News: Black Santa Edition

    Deon has a small problem with FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly's views on St. Nick.

  5. Inside The Black Box: Deon Can't Catch A Break

    In this outtake, Deon has some trouble introducing a man in a thong.

  6. Inside The Black Box: Deon's Executive Producer Trips Up

    In this outtake, Deon gets to sit back and laugh at Executive Producer Doug Karo for a change.

  7. Inside The Black Box: Deon Hits On A Biracial Lady

    In this outtake, Deon flirts with another man's girlfriend in the audience.

  8. Deon Cole Breaks Down The News: "Breaking Bad" Edition

    Deon's got no time for BS, he's just gonna get right down into it.

  9. Deon Reveals How Detroit Can Rebuild Its Credit

    Deon's simple, three step recovery process worked for him, so why can't it work for Detroit?

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