1. "Harrison Ford Angrily Points At Stuff" Supercut

"Harrison Ford Angrily Points At Stuff" Supercut

From "Indiana Jones" to "The Fugitive" to "Star Wars," Harrison's index finger has had a workout.


CONAN: I mentioned this, you have been in so many different roles and Andy and I were talking about this today.
We have seen every movie that you have done.
One of the things we noticed today, just thinking about it, is that you have a particular acting technique.
You point a lot.
You point a lot in films.
And we actually put together a little Montage of Parisson Ford pointing.
>> You find this man!
You find this man!
This is an obsession!
I never understood it.
>> Look irgese want to talk to you.
>> If I go down, you're going down with me.
You broke the law.
>> Yes, out.
>> Look you.
>> I did not sign up for this!
>> Marianne ravenwood is your mother!
>> It may not be a fictitious reply.
It's over.