1. Harrison Ford Is Menaced By Visions Of Demonic Smurfs

Harrison Ford Is Menaced By Visions Of Demonic Smurfs

The wee blue monsters have plagued him ever since they beat out "Cowboys & Aliens" at the box office.


CONAN: Going to talk about the movie "paranoia," which you are here to help promote.
I and I noticed something today, which is the last time you were on the program, you were here with a film and it was going up against "the smurfs" and you were very angry about "the smurfs" feeling very competitive and you actually tore up a smurf doll here on the air.
You ripped its head off and tossed it aside.
Act of rage, which -- which I found frightening and erotic.
Now I find this time you're back.
You have a new movie. It's up against "smurfs 2.”
ANDY: Please do a movie where you do that and a bird lands on it.
Check the archives.
CONAN: Yeah, we will check the archives.
HARRISON FORD: You're kidding?
They made another one of the smurfs.
HARRISON FORD: Do they only make movies when I have something coming out?
Is it like personal?
CONAN: It almost feels like the smurf people are going out of their way to haunt you.
It's like they're just moving in on you, haunting you.
It's like they're --
Make that stop.
It's too horrifying.
HARRISON FORD: You're kidding me!
CONAN: They're coming out with another one.
Why am I the one telling you this?
HARRISON FORD: The movie that was here --
CONAN: That you were promoting last time?
 "cowboys & aliens.”
You asked for information and we supplied it.
I think you're going to be fine.
CONAN: I know this business!
Good, thank you.
CONAN: You can calm down because Conan O'Brien said it's all going to go OK.
HARRISON FORD: It will be all right.
CONAN: Let's talk about "paranoia.”
CONAN: Tell us a little bit about it.
HARRISON FORD: It's a story about a young man who is an ambitious young man with an interest in technology and all of the stuff that's part of the social networking world and he finds himself caught between two telecom magnets, big rich guys in the telecom business.
And they manipulate is ambition.
And it's a thriller and it's good.
I really enjoyed it.
Young man, Liam Hemsworth.
CONAN: Terrific.
HARRISON FORD: Really very good in the movie and I got a chance to work with an old -- a guy I probably pointed a finger at, Gary oldman, who I worked with in "air force one" and I had a great time working with him 20 years ago.
So the opportunity to work with him again --
It was fun.
CONAN: We have a clip here from "paranoia.”
I believe this is a scene with you and Liam, is that right/ 
HARRISON FORD: This is a scene with me and Liam.
You will notice something about me which -- I'm the guy with --
you will see.
CONAN: Like that setup.
Let's look at this clip from "paranoia.”
>> We will leave it here plrks Goddard.
>> Thanks, Bob.
>> What do you think?
>> It's powerful.
>> Yeah, it is.
Considering it a loan are for saving "titanic”
>> Doc, I couldn't.
>> Yeah, you could.
Power is the juice.
Get used to drinking it.
HARRISON FORD: Did you notice what I did with my hair?
CONAN: That was very good.
CONAN: That takes guts to shave s
HARRISON FORD: It didn't take guts.
I had done "42" and I had my hairline shaved up for a wig and stuff like that.
So there was no time to grow any hair back so I shaved my head.
I guess I forgot to tell anybody that I was going to do that but that's all I had when I showed up for work, so --