1. Liam Hemsworth Got His Butt Kicked By Jean-Claude Van Damme

Liam Hemsworth Got His Butt Kicked By Jean-Claude Van Damme

Van Damme kicked Liam square in the chest, but soothed him by saying it was a "controlled kick."


CONAN: Your brother Chris and Luke you're all actors.
Which is the best?
LIAM HEMSWORTH: Which is the best?
Well, I don't want to say it but I would probably go with me.
CONAN: Yeah.
[Cheers and applause]
LIAM HEMSWORTH: That's just arrogant.
CONAN: No, that's the correct answer, actually.
You're here.
They're not.
LIAM HEMSWORTH: That's right.
CONAN: I have a lot of brothers, so I would do the same thing.
LIAM HEMSWORTH: How many brothers do you got?
LIAM HEMSWORTH: Are they all as big as you?
CONAN: They're all big guys.
It was four of us.
We were like a street gang.
A really unintimidating street gang.
We went around town asking people trivia questions.
Were you close?
My brothers are my best friends.
I wouldn't be doing this job if it weren't for them.
My older brother did TV shows in Australia.
Then Chris got into it.
That was kind of how I got into it.
CONAN: That's cool.
It's become a family business which is great.
You did -- I want to ask you -- we're going to get on to "paranoia" for a second.
But you did "the expendables 2" and you worked with Jean Claude Van Damme.
I'm just curious.
What's that like?
You actually had fight seens with Jean Claude Van Damme.
LIAM HEMSWORTH: Jean Claude Van Damme.
CONAN: That's how you have to say it.
You can say everyone else, but when you get to him you have to say Jean Claude Van Damme.
LIAM HEMSWORTH: He's a scary person.
Nice person to work with.
But a scary person.
CONAN: Scary in what way?
LIAM HEMSWORTH: You just have a conversation and he'll just kick your face in.
No, he's a really nice guy.
I don't want to talk bad about him because he might kill me.
He's a good guy though.
We had a scene where he kicks me in the chest.
He wasn't supposed to really hit me in the chest.
He -- we did a take.
And he did a full van damme kick and hit me right in the chest.
After the camera take, he said are you OK?
Yeah, I'm good.
He said, it's OK.
It's a controlled kick.
I said it's a little out of control because you hit me.
CONAN: You hit me really hard.
LIAM HEMSWORTH: Full on the chest.
But I felt it was an honor to receive that kick.
I figure if you're going to get kicked by someone, van damme is a good person to get kicked by.
CONAN: It's not up to him to say he's fine.
I'm Jean Claude Van Damme.
It's not your business to say that.